The biggest strength of Constance Care Rehabilitation Center is carefully chosen, successively enlarged Team of several highly experienced physiotherapists, who hold PhD’s or Master’s Degree in physiotherapy and have graduated numerous professional courses of various therapy techniques recognized worldwide. The Constance Care Team possesses essential experience in working both with children (including infants) and adults (including elderly people).
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Main doctor:
Małgorzata Łukowicz, MD, Ph.D. – medical rehabilitation specialist, a specialist in physical medicine and balneology
Medical consultations:
Beata Tarnacka, MD, Ph.D. – neurologist, a specialist in physical medicine. The head of Rehabilitation Clinic of Medical University in Warsaw.
Prof. Rafał‚ Baranowski, MD, Ph.D. – cardiologist, the head of a clinic of The Institute of Cardiology in Anin, Warsaw.
Adam Nowiński, MD, Ph.D. – pulmonologist, internal medicine specialist, the head of a clinic in
Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Warsaw