Constance Care Rehabilitation Center® is a modern, privately owned medical center opened in June 2015. The Center is located in Kierszek, near Konstancin-Jeziorna, 30 minutes from downtown Warsaw, 20 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes from Konstancin-Jeziorna health resort. The facility with an area of 1000 m2, dedicated exclusively for physiotherapy, provides: 3 kinesiotherapy rooms, 6 rooms for individual therapy, neurological therapy room with treadmills and a well-equipped sensory integration room. There are also 6 single or double en suite rooms with their own spacious bathroom dedicated to our in-patients.
In-patient rehabilitation
5- to 12-days, or longer, therapy is individually customized, depending on the condition of the patient.


  • Rooms accessible for disabled persons
  • 3 meals according to the patients requirements (considering any special diet)
  • TV and Wi-Fi in rooms
  • Fenced area and free parking places

We provide transportation from the airport to the Center, if needed.
A comprehensive therapy, the latest equipment from all over the world, experienced team of doctors (MD) and therapists and unique atmosphere favoring recovery are our main virtues.